Staying Healthy While You Party and Camp at Music Festivals

Festival season is a highlight of the summer, a chance to let your hair down, catch some great bands and dance the night away, but it is also important to remember to look after your health at festivals. I have been to many festivals over the years and I have a few things that I always like to have with me to make surviving festival camping a little bit easier – here are some of my top festival tips for keeping healthy at festivals!

  • #1 – Antibacterial hand gel – I couldn’t be without this at a festival. The toilets are a breeding ground for germs and more often than not the supplied hand sanitizer at the toilets will have run out. Keep a bottle of hand gel in your bag or pocket to use whenever you need it and wash your hands whenever you can.
  • #2 – Water bottle – keep a bottle of water with you at all times. It is so important to make sure you drink plenty of water, fill up your bottle every time you see a drinking water tap. If you are drinking alcohol then drink water as well as alcoholic drinks to prevent getting dehydrated.
  • #3 – Alcohol – If you are drinking Alcohol try to keep it to a minimum, you want to feel good and enjoy yourself at a festival, you don’t want to be suffering from a hangover the whole time. Remember the recommended limits for alcohol are 3-4 units a day for men and 2-3 units a day for women.
  • #4 – Try and eat healthily – this can be difficult at a festival when you are surrounded by fast food, all of which smells pretty good when you are hungry. Try and choose some healthier options, there is a huge variety of food at festivals so have a look round and see what takes your fancy, don’t just go for the nearest stall selling chips. It is a good idea to have some snacks with you in your bag to keep you going throughout the day, fruit and cereal bars are a good idea. Make sure you try and have a good breakfast too. If you have a stove then take some oats to make some porridge.
  • #5 – Toilet roll – You don’t want to be caught out, its best to keep some tissues with you in your bag.
  • #6 – Wet wipes – when showers are nowhere to be seen or the queues are miles long then wet wipes can be a God send to get rid of that mud and make you feel a little bit cleaner.
  • #7 – Sleep – plan your festival days to make sure that you get enough sleep. If you are dancing til late make sure you either have a lie in or grab some sleep in the afternoon so that you can do it all over again!
  • #8 – Sun cream – you will be outside most of the time and it is important to look after your skin. Apply sun cream regularly to prevent getting burnt. Wearing a wide brimmed hat is also a good idea to keep the sun off your head and protect your face and neck.
  • #9 – Clothing – you never know what the English weather might bring at a festival, so be prepared for everything. Remember it will get cold at night, so wear layers to keep warm. Don’t forget waterproofs, in this country it is bound to rain at least once! Make sure you change out of wet clothes into dry ones and don’t sleep in damp clothes.
  • #10 – First Aid kit – pack a little first aid kit in your bag with some plasters, antiseptic wipes and blister plasters. When you are on your feet all day your feet are likely to suffer and someone you are with might be very grateful if you can offer them a blister plaster to ease their painful feet! Keep cuts clean and use plasters to prevent an infection.

It is important to remember to look after yourself as well as enjoy yourself but if you do fall ill then there will be medical staff at the festival who can help you. It is a good idea to make sure you know where the medical centre is as soon as you get there. I hurt my neck at a festival a couple of years ago and the St John’s Ambulance team were great at looking after me, so don’t be afraid to find them and ask for help. If you are worried about your health before attending a festival then speak to your doctor for advice.

Keep healthy and enjoy yourself!

Why Pregnant Women Benefit From Regular Chiropractor Visits

Many women often avoid visiting a chiropractor during the term of their pregnancy, fearing the chiropractic treatments could cause fetal complications. However, clinical studies show the opposite: that chiropractic care can actually reduce complications in the birth and can help the mother-to-be to stay healthy during the pregnancy. As your health as a pregnant woman directly affects the health of your baby, you want to be as healthy as possible during the pregnancy.

As the fetus develops in the womb, the mother may find that some organs feel “squished” or out of alignment. Carrying a heavy weight in the middle of the body for several months can cause the spine to move out of alignment, which can cause a number of medical and health concerns for the mother-to-be.

One of the key ways a chiropractor can assist the pregnant mother and the baby is to restore balance in the pelvic area. A misaligned pelvis can cause the baby to shift to a position that makes natural delivery difficult. Chiropractic care during a pregnancy could prevent a potential cesarean section by aligning the pelvis to enable the woman to give birth naturally. This also decreases the amount of stress placed on the uterus, so it could reduce the stress the baby feels.

Chiropractic care is holistic therapy because it considers how the nervous system interacts with every part of the body. Chiropractors have training in understanding how hormonal changes during a pregnancy can affect the body. While some of the hormonal changes are externally obvious, some are internal. A chiropractor can recognize when a pregnancy is being adversely affected by changes to the nervous system and can use special techniques to correct the undue pressure on the nervous system.

Swelling, fatigue, and pain are common discomforts during pregnancy. Chiropractors can help pregnant women to organize exercise regimes and work-outs that prevent fatigue and ensure the blood continues circulating throughout the body during the pregnancy, reducing swelling in areas such as the feet.

A chiropractor can help to alleviate the nausea often associated with pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. Even though the baby may not yet ‘show’, the baby will be causing changes to the body. A series of treatments could alleviate the nausea caused by hormonal changes.

Back pain is one of the biggest challenges facing pregnant women, particularly in the last trimester. As the baby grows, the woman experiences increased pressure on the back muscles. Her centre of gravity shifts and this can cause constant back pain. A chiropractor can alleviate this pain and provide the woman with help to reduce further pain as the baby continues to grow.

Chiropractic care is completely safe for both the mother-to-be and the growing baby. A chiropractor can gently manipulate any spinal misalignments that the baby causes so that the mother remains comfortable and healthy throughout the pregnancy. Chiropractic care is natural and holistic, so pregnant women who are concerned about taking drugs, such as painkillers, during pregnancy can still gain alleviation from the pain. In fact, chiropractic treatments can be more effective than painkillers.

Pregnant women are consulting chiropractors for a wide variety of reasons. A good chiropractor offers holistic care for both the woman and the baby she is carrying, so that both can be safe, comfortable, and healthy during this precious time of growth.

What Is Skin Care?

Skin Care is the first step towards achieving a healthy body. Skin care is an essential part of most people’s daily routine.

Skin care specialists say any imbalance in the protective barrier that envelops the human body provides a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, resulting in many types of skin irritations and accelerating the aging process.

Natural skin care is the care of the skin (the largest organ of the body) using naturally-derived ingredients (such as herbs, roots, essential oils and flowers) combined with naturally occurring carrier agents, preservatives, surfactants, humectants and emulsifiers (everything from natural soap to oils to pure water).

Skin care treatment is going green, but you still have to make sure you read the labels. Skin care treatment may be the least of your problems if you’re a middle-aged male, but many dry skin remedies will also raise testosterone levels. The latest craze in skin care is also the oldest: herbal products.

Natural skin care has its roots in the 4th millennium BC in China and the Middle East. Natural body lotion has become a big business in recent years as more and more consumers seek a gentler, healthier alternative for their skin care needs.

The best skin care beauty tips are not only the right products but also healthy diet. People who use natural skin care products are less concerned with artificial beauty enhancements, as they feel that natural beauty is healthy beauty.

Healthy skin care for skin problems is part of overall good health. Healthy Skincare store sells skin care products that are effective anti-aging treatments for aging skin.

acne is a common skin care problem for many individuals of all ages and all skin types. acne skin care, no matter what kind of acne treatment you select, an outbreak can still emerge even after all blemishes have vanished.

The skin on your face needs more attention than the rest of your body because it has more oil glands. It is important to not just put sunscreen on your face, but also on your body as well.

Some women are seen with bangs but these bangs look very natural with the face, not a blunt cut style look. Most skin is a combination of skin types, with different areas of the face having different conditions that fluctuate with factors such as weather, diet, stress, health, and travel.

Organic and natural ingredients are healthier and more effective then the harmful chemically based products on the market today. Skin care is becoming increasingly more high tech but at the same time there is growing popularity in natural and organic products.

The single most important breakthrough in skin care is understanding that the only Way to truly moisturize your skin is to get water into it. Proper skin care is important to maintaining health, and is an integral part of overall wound management.

While skin care products in the 1990s were almost exclusively focused on wellness and simple body care lotions, today, skin care is one of the most dynamic and technologically advanced segments of the beauty market.

– When “Natural” Skin Care Products Can Be Bad For You

Just like many other consumers, you probably prefer and natural skin care products because you’re concerned that many synthetic chemicals in creams and lotions can harm your skin or affect your overall health. But did you know that sometimes even so-called natural skin care products can have a negative effect?

Why Your “Natural” Face Cream or Lotion Can Be Bad for You

This has happened time and again to many people: they buy a beauty skin care product that’s supposed to be formulated especially for sensitive skin, yet find themselves breaking out in rashes or suffering from skin redness after applying it.

Why does that happen, when the eye cream or lotion contains natural ingredients that are supposed to heal — not harm — your skin? Here are two of the reasons why:

Reason #1: It could be that you are allergic to some natural substances. Take tea tree oil, for instance. There’s no doubt that it has numerous benefits for your skin: it helps wounds heal faster and is used in many acne treatment products. However, it can also cause redness and irritation in people with sensitive skin.

Reason #2: The healthy skin benefits of a natural ingredient seem to be cancelled out by other ingredients in the product. For example, there’s one very popular skin firming moisturizer you can find in most beauty stores today. It contains seaweed extract, a natural substance which has been proven to rejuvenate skin. BUT at the same time, the product also contains aluminum starch octenylsuccinate, a kind of aluminum salt. This substance has been approved for use in cosmetics, subject to some limitations. However, there also is concern about its neurotoxic effect on humans.

How to Find You Can Use Safely

First, look for an anti-aging or skin care product containing natural ingredients that pose the least risk of causing side effects. One such natural ingredient is jojoba oil. Because its chemical composition is very similar to our skin’s natural oils, it can be used safely for all skin types without fear of having an allergic reaction.

Second, make sure the product contains sufficient concentrations of those beneficial ingredients. Many beauty companies deceive consumers in this manner; they do include natural substances in their products, but in amounts that are simply too small to provide any real benefit.

Third, learn which ingredients to avoid in a skin care or beauty product. For your own protection, know why you should not use a face cream or body lotion that contains substances such as perfume or mineral oil. By arming yourself with this knowledge, you are better able to find you won’t have qualms using and recommending to others.

What Is Hormone Imbalance In Women?

Hormone imbalance can have several causes, though it is commonly manifest in women experiencing an extraordinary increase in estrogen levels, accompanied by a disproportionate increase in progesterone levels. As hormones, estrogen and progesterone act as the body’s chemical messengers – taking charge of normal sexual development and menstrual cycle regulation. They also ensure the female body’s stability during its child-bearing years.

Factors that affect hormonal imbalance are age, genetics, health, and general lifestyle. Older women are more likely to experience unnatural fluctuations in hormone levels while women of all ages can be saddled with a genetic disposition to such changes in body chemistry. Health or medical causes may include obesity and tumors while lifestyle factors such as use of birth control pills, stress, lack of exercise, and sedentariness may also come into play. Pregnancy and lactation also contribute.

As to symptoms, one of the most common manifestations of hormone imbalance is irregular and/or excessive vaginal bleeding. One may also experience severe menstrual cramps, pre-menstrual syndrome or even pre-menstrual dysphoric disorder. It might also present itself through anxiety, lack of appetite, loss of concentration, fluctuating weight loss and gain, and even a reduced sex drive.

Insomnia is both a symptom and a cause, as lack of sleep also contributes largely to hormonal imbalance. If the symptoms present themselves more severely, however, it could mean that the condition is already one of hormone allergy and not just imbalance. These more severe symptoms include chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, anxiety attacks, and urinary tract infection, among others.

Treatment for hormone imbalance depends largely on the severity of the symptoms. For some women, the discomfort does not get in the way of their day-to-day existence, leading them to go through life without medication or any form of treatment whatsoever. Some may not even realize that they are experiencing imbalance at all. To be safe, however, it is recommended that one undergo regular check- ups and report to the doctor the occurrence of any of the abovementioned symptoms. Blood, saliva, or urinary testing may be required.

Conventional treatment for hormonal imbalance takes the form of hormone replacement therapy. However, there are those who feel that this manner of addressing an imbalance in the body will only lead to further problems, as HRT is known to have several side effects. Thus, some women choose to alleviate the symptoms of hormonal imbalance in a more holistic manner.

When symptoms occur, it should be dealt with right away to avoid complications that may lead to severe sickness. Of course, one should seek a doctor right away to diagnose the problem and may be treated with the right medication.

However, there is a better way to deal with this problem. The holistic way of treating the condition would include taking vitamin supplements, getting enough exercise, and sufficient sleep and rest. Some herbal remedies like Asia ginseng and primrose oil may also be of help. Avoiding day-to-day stress and imbibing large amounts of caffeine also aid in getting the body back on track without resorting to synthetic drugs.

A Crisis Pregnancy Centre Provides Counselling for Women Facing an Unexpected Pregnancy

It is very important for every woman to maintain her health so that she can stay happy, strong and thriving. Women experience a variety of changes during their lifetimes, and this means they must pay careful attention to their health during these times. If women are pregnant, then she should do whatever it takes to stay healthy. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to stay healthy and thriving while pregnant. Pregnancies can be much unexpected to some women, and this leaves them panicking and unsure of what to do. There is a lot that women must do to stay healthy while pregnant, but not every women knows the steps to take. Fortunately, there are a couple of different services available to help pregnant women maintain their health.

A crisis pregnancy centre is a valuable tool for a woman who is facing an unexpected pregnancy. These centres are non profit organizations that help women find alternatives to abortion. Many women who face unexpected pregnancies get abortions because they are unsure of their options.

Crisis pregnancy centres provide options and information to pregnant women. These organizations are typically run by Christian groups or churches that are pro-life. The services provided by crisis pregnancy centres vary from centre to centre, but some common services are financial assistance, adoption programs and child rearing resources. Most crisis pregnancy centres do not provide medical services, but they typically offer referrals to obstetricians and other health care services. A few crisis pregnancy centres do provide minor medical services such as pregnancy tests and sonograms. Some crisis pregnancy centres provide free sonograms because they believe this dissuades expectant mothers from choosing to have an abortion.

Pregnancy counselling is provided at crisis pregnancy centres, but counselling can also be provided through other resources. Many women choose pregnancy counselling due to an unwanted pregnancy, but services are also available to pregnant women who are suffering from stress and psychological issues. Pregnancy counselling provides psychological health services to pregnant women. Some of these services include introducing women to alternatives to abortion and giving them information on staying healthy while pregnant. Counselling centres provide non biased, medically accurate information to pregnant women in order to help them achieve the best prenatal health possible. Pregnancy counselling centres provide information such as the names of local doctors and hospitals in case a pregnant woman faces an emergency. Some pregnancy counselling centres also provide resources for postnatal care; these resources include treatment for postpartum depression and other psychiatric disorders that come after the birth of a child.

Women can very easily face an unexpected pregnancy, and it is natural for them to feel worried, scared and confused. Fortunately, these great resources are available to every pregnant woman. Whether a woman wants to have an abortion or explore other options, these resources are available to guide them to a choice that is healthy, safe and medically sound. Every pregnant woman should take advantage of these services in order to maintain the best health imaginable.